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Q. What lift capacity do I need for my boat?

A. The lift capacity needed for your boat is easy to figure out by adding the wet weight of your boat, (full of gas + dry weight + stuff) the weight of your boat cradle (if you have one) figure those to be about 500 lb.for a small one. Then to not over stress the Gear Plate and Motor add 1,000 lb.

Example : Boat 4500 lb. Wet + Boat Cradle 500lb. + 1000lb. = 6,000lb. lift


Q I have shallow water, how can I stop my cables from crossing if the cradle goes to the bottom?

A: This is a issue faced by boat lift owners. Some have tried to solve this problem with mixed results. At this time we recommend 10 lb. lead weights on each cable. (Simple and it works).


Q. Is there such a thing as maintenance free lift?

A. No, there are one's that require less.


Q. What Boat Lift System do you use?

We use Hefty Hoist They are a family owned company that has over 25 years in the industry with the only flat plate "LIFETIME WARRANTY".


Q. Why do my lift cables cross?

A. No matter what system you have if you set the cradle down on the lake bottom the cables get lose, and they cross over each other when you lift it back up.


Q. When should I change my Lift cable?

A. That depends on the use, look at the where it wraps up on the lift pipe, or where it attaches to the cradle or straps, if you see it flatting, frayed or rusty it needs to be changed.


Q. What kind of boat lift cable does Custom Boat Cradles use?

A. We use galvanized aircraft cable or stainless steel it's your choice.